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Babcock Health & Wellness Clinic is committed to the health and wellbeing of the community.

Our commitment is to assist our patient to achieve health and wellness of mind and body. Our goal is not the absence of disease or illness, but a joint promise to a commitment of lifestyle change. This commitment begins with a conscious decision for a healthier lifestyle. We will assist our patient to achieve the mindset and predisposition to adopt health, exercise, and mental wellbeing into their everyday lives. We will provide inner health, fitness, and mind tranquility, then couple it with the means to improve, protect and restore our youth through our medical grade cosmetics and skincare.

Our goal is to educate our patients on prevention and early detection through multifactorial lifestyle intervention to prevent the risk of illness. We commit to a partnership with our patient in setting goals to achieve long lasting health and wellness that will lead to a long and prosperous life.

Our staff here at Babcock Health and Wellness Clinic is committed to patient service, and treating each individual with the same attention and compassion we would a family member


Albert Guenther- Office Manager

Albert Guenther has served in the healthcare industry since 2002, in various positions throughout the years. From working in busy operating rooms, to the healthcare sales industry, and now to more direct patient care as a nurse and manger Albert has experience and immense compassion. Our patients have come to know Albert for his sassy humor, kind heart, and reliability. He is constantly going the extra mile for patients, and his colleagues.

Heather Garcia- Lead Medical Aesthetician

Heather Garcia is not only our lead medical aesthetician, but also one of our wonderful nurses. Heather has several years of experience in the aesthetic world and has the unique position of being able to utilize her medical knowledge to enhance her laser and aesthetic skills. Heather loves to take the time to listen to each patient’s skin concerns, and will review every aspect of a skin care regimen to ensure her client is getting the best treatments possible. Our patients have come to rely on Heather’s knowledge, attention to detail, incredible listening skills, and compassion as part of their care.


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