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DREAM - Dermal Rejuvenation Enhanced by Amniotic Membrane


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what is the DREAM procedure?

The DREAM procedure can be performed by your skin care professional during or after most facial rejuvenation procedures. Your aesthetician applies the DREAM topical solution- a liquid that contains amniotic growth factors- to the treated area. The benefits of this can be realized, at times, within hours. You will begin to see vibrant, refreshed and naturally rejuvenated difference.

what is the Amniotic Membrane?

In order to understand this incredible procedure, we must understand what the Amniotic Membrane is. The Amniotic Membrane is the tissue that protects a baby when it is in the womb of its’ mother. These membranes contain components full of nutrients called “growth factors” that support the development of soft tissue.


The human growth factors and other chemicals found in amniotic tissue are nature’s way of signaling cells to surround an injury, and to replicate and produce healthy cells. They also regulate existing cells to remodel and create natural agents that advance the quality of healing.


Amniotic membrane has been employed in the treatment of wounds for almost 100 years, beginning with early application of natural amniotic membrane obtained from labor and delivery to various types of burns and wounds. Amniotic membrane contains growth factors that generate new cells and improve the quality of healthy cells. This is useful for facial procedures because amniotic tissue has been shown to:

  • Enhance soft tissue healing
  • Modulate inflammation
  • Reduce scar tissue formation

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